Month: July 2018


From the heart…

Marcia TaylorResearch shows that dance is one of the most beneficial activities for children ages 3 to 5 – proven physical, cognitive and social benefits. However, I know there are little girls and boys who never have the opportunity to experience the joy of dance

class because of a perception of cost. They hear of expensive costuming, pricey classes, and huge dance competition fees (I am proud that has never been our Studio).
I want every child to be able to experience the magic of dance, so our 3-5 year-old Creative Movement Classes are affordable for any family, only $18 per month; our Studio also will provide these dancers with a high quality free dance class leotard; and they will not have to purchase costuming for our recitals.
I believe we have a responsibility to use our gifts, so, utilizing my degrees in both dance and early childhood education, my experience as past instructor of Kansas City’s Young Audience Program and past Director of the D.A.N.C.E. (Dance Awareness Nurturing Childhood Education) Program serving communities in three states, and, most importantly, my love for these little dancers, I personally teach these young dancers, just as I taught my own daughter, Skyler, who became a professional dancer, my daughter, Callan, who is a professional basketball player (she credits dance with much of her success in athletics), and my son, Matt (he was so much fun in dance class), who was a two-sport athlete in college (please, don’t overlook the value of dance for boys ages 3 to 5).
Please pass this note on to any parent or institution or organization you think would be interested in our ages 3-5 Creative Movement Classes – I will even open up additional class sections if needed. They can simply call 816-808-0839, e-mail, or easily register at

My best regards,
Marcia Taylor, Director